Third Hand Online Ordering is the new key component to your restaurant's success. Owners tell us that it takes more than two hands to juggle everything it takes to operate a restaurant. Our ‘Third Hand’ is there to take care of your website, online ordering and marketing, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Many restaurants purchase a simple website or have an ‘expert’ friend create one. The result tends to be an outdated look, a poor customer experience and website that is rarely updated. Other restaurants pay outrageous amounts of money for a slightly better site that provides little in return. We believe that you should be able to pay for your website as it makes money. Why pay for something up-front, when your website can pay for itself as you go?

For as little as 1% of your online sales and no start up cost, you can have a website that is generating actual track-able revenue for your restaurant. Your website (designed by us for no additional cost) is designed to be mobile ready from the ground up.


Designed For You

After signing up with us, you get a website that is designed for you by our professional designers. You have complete control over your sites look and feel.

Mobile Ready

Your website is built to work on mobile phones. The technology behind your website means that it will look great no matter what your customers use to view your website. 

Free Updates

Changed your menu? Got a new staff member you want to highlight? Something else change at your restaurant? Just give us a call or an email and we'll change your website for you for no extra cost.

Time Controlled Ordering

While your website might be available 24/7, your restaurant might not be. Your website only takes orders for when your restaurant is open and able to take orders.

Unlimited Emails

After signing up, you get access to an unlimited set of email accounts with your domain name. You can access your emails through outlook or any email software.

Accept Future Orders

Our system allows your restaurant to accept orders days or weeks in advance. You can set the maximum amount of time in the future that you can accept orders for.

Multiple Location Support

Own more than one store? Our software comes preloaded with support for more than one location. You can easily manage all the locations from the same admin site.

Getting Orders

After receiving an online order, it's your choice on how to receive orders, through phone, fax or the internet.

Delivery Area Check

Only deliver to a specific area? Not a problem! Our software will not allow someone to place an order for delivery outside your area.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please include your name and email in the form below. We will get in contact with you shortly.

admin at thorderiong dot com

Email us today with any questions.

Formed in 2012, we are a small company that is dedicated to severing our clients to the fullest with the simplest price structure as possible. If you have a problem, we promise that it will be addressed to your satisfaction.